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Secure Linx is a Security Solution and Automation Provider Company in Lahore, Pakistan. We are Dealing with electronic security systems, the Best Security service in Lahore, and access control systems for many years. Mainly, we work as one of the Best Security Solution Provider companies in Lahore, Pakistan. Moreover, we Provide Consultancy for Suitable Security Solutions for your Sites. Our main Products are CCTV Cameras, Fire Alarm Systems, Electric Fence systems, Gate Automation, Access control systems, Windows and Roof Curtains Automation, etc.

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SecureLinx is Providing the Best electronic security solutions in Lahore and Surveillance Systems For Your Business, Home, etc. to Make it 24/7 Secure From All Security Threats. Identify Anyone Quickly By Spending Less.

CCTV Systems


CCTV camera installation helps to increase safety at homes. Moreover, the main advantage of monitoring cameras in the home is that you can always watch the activities to keep the environment and culture safe.

Solar System


The solar panel is an integral part of the solar system. The power of the solar system absolutely depends on the solar panel as it collects sunlight and converts it into other forms of energy.

Razor wires


Razor wire barbed wire occasionally suborns as bobbed wire, is a type of steel wire for fencing purposes, constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strands. Wire fences are cheaper and easier.

Door Access Systems


Access control system aims to control a building, facility, or authorized areas that are for authorized persons only. One can use the access card or id to enter the main door but not a restricted area.

Burglar Alarm Systems


The most basic types of burglar alarm sensors work to detect breaking in or when an intruder comes in. Some even include motion detectors to identify changes in positions of things or persons within a particular area.

Public Address Systems


This is a security service in Lahore containing buffers, microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, etc. It apparently increases the volume of a human voice, a musical instrument. Public Address System is used in any public venue.

Gate Automation

gate automation

Gate automation you can use in lighting and appliances are available in offices and homes. You can view your smart home, office, or any business location from anywhere in the world.

Fire Alarm systems


A fire alarm is an access control system made of numerous devices. This security service in Lahore uses visual and audio signalization to inform people about a possible fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide existence in the area of coverage

Electric Fence


Prevent Entry Of Intruders At The Root Which Ensures Safety Like No Other security Equipment. Our shrewd electrified barrier permits you to remain in charge from any place on the planet.

20,000+ people have put their trust in CCTV, How about you?

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